With God All Things Are Possible

     I grew up in a divided family. My father was a Christian while my mother was Buddhist. Growing up, Iwas accustomed to going to church with my  Dad every Sunday while my Mom stayed at home; this only lasted for a coupe of years until our family stopped going to church altogether. Even though we stopped going to church, I kept on praying every night mainly due to the impression I had that I could talk to my aunt ( Cô Tư ) who passed away when I was younger. Eventually, that faded as the years went by, my faith in God was also gone and it felt I did not need him in my daily life.
   As I grew older, I faced many tribulations in my life. In my adolescent years, I was not happy with my life. I felt like no one understand me and I just hated everything about myself. The relationship I had with my mother at that time did not help my self-esteem either. We would constant fight about meaningless things and i felt like I was never good enough for her or anyone. This eventually led to me suffering from depression, and I was prescribled countless different medications. None of the medications and therapy seemed to help since the relationship with myself and at home did not improve. As I was dealing with my own personal troubles, my youngest brother Ryan endured a nearly tragic health incident where it almost took his life away. It brought me back to God. My father,after years of hiatus from the church, asked Pastor Nguyen to come pray for the well-being of my brother. I resorted to the Bilbe for inspiration and hope for my little brother and the one verse that caught my attention and soon became  a verse that I often meditate to was Matthew 19:26 " With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible ." That's when I handed off all my problems, wishes, and hopes to God. My brother survived, and is healthier than ever. From then on, our family started going to church again; I felt a sence of peace inside of me and started to thrive in various activities that would improve my life, mood, and relationship with God. I went on several missionary trips which I LOVED because it showed me the true power and love that God has to offer and I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. My life still isn't perfect, but through my downfalls I know God has a reason for it. Ever since I've accepted God into my life, I try not to stress out or feel down about some situations I face with, because I know that within time I will achieve and accomplish many of my goals in life as long as I have faith in God.
   Jeremiah 29:11 states " For I know the plans I have for you " says the Lord. " They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope " and I am sure that God has many great things planned for me. Amen.
          Kimberly Huynh's Testmony