Hoang Tran's Testmony

  Hi everyone, I woud like to share my story. Before I came to know Jesus, I used to be a worried, bitter and angry person. Occasionally, I went to the Church with my wife for help her to be happy, but I wasn't happy, I was angry when people talked about Christ in front of me. I was raised a Buddhist; it was passed on to me from my family.After my Dad passed away, I thought it was my duty to buy fruits and burn incense everyday in front of all these statues. I thought that it would receive blessings from them while performing those rituals. I felt the heavy load on my shoulder all the times. I told my wife I felt lonely and empty inside. Sometime I wanted to end my life. I spend money every week just to have a fun. I have everything but I am still not happy, I was angry and depressed all the time, my customers even saw it. I yelled at my eldest son all the for no reason. I know that something is wrong with me, but I can not help myself. One day, I decided to go to Pastor Linh knows my problem as I talked to him. He showed me that my spirit was dying inside of me. Pastor Linh asked me, do  I believe in God ? I told him no, but I told pastor Linh that I used to spray to this one being when thing get tough : " NGỌC HOÀNG THƯỢNG ĐẾ ."
    Since the day I accepted that Jesus Christ as my Savior, my life had taken a big turn. I started reading Bible. I study the Bible to understand God's words and lessons. It takes time and was hard at first, I failed sometimes but I know how to get up and think twice now. I changed little by little; now I am happier, I don't need alcohol to make me happy, I even sleep better through the night. My wife and our customers can see that I have changed. Customers will ask my wife, what happen to me ? I used to talk negatively, now I'm possitive and different. I don't know how and why ? it just came naturally in me, but deep in my heart I know who changed me. The One and only One that is GOD JESUS CHRIST.
     It has been more than a year since the day God sent Pastor Linh to seek the lost like me, even though I still face temptations one a while. God gave me a second chance. I pray that God help me to stand up again if I stumble. I also wanted to thank brother Danny and sister Mai Lan. Even with an additional baby Paul to the family; they still open their house every Tuesday night for small group Bible study that Pastor Linh host. I pray that in the future, God will call more people to Him so everyone can have a happy spiritual life like me.
     Now my wife is joyful and I know that my purpose in life is to share about Jesus Christ to those who wanted to hear.
     Thanhk you everyone.God Bless you !